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If CORAIL° exists, it is also thanks to the work and support of associations working on marine depollution in the field and upstream through citizen awareness. We want to present to you the paths and the extraordinary approaches of these associations which accompany us and which have been fighting for years for a cleaner sea. Today, The SeaCleaners.

Since the age of 8, Yvan Bourgnon has been traveling the seas. Having become a successful skipper, the Franco-Swiss has become the privileged witness of a disaster: the rapid and worrying degradation of the oceans, victims of plastic pollution. From this observation was born a desire to act and an association at the forefront of the fight for marine depollution: The SeaCleaners.

Since 2016, this association has been fighting against plastic pollution by promoting an approach that is both curative and preventive. The conviction of The SeaCleaners is that prevention and education are as important as actions on the ground in the depollution process. It is for this reason that the association has organized since its creation awareness-raising operations with the general public to alert the catastrophic situation of the oceans and to discover the right gestures and the right reflexes, always in a logic of exemplary scientific rigor. . In this same dynamic of citizen inclusion, The SeaCleaners organizes waste collection operations with teams of volunteers in disaster areas.

Raising awareness is essential in a long-term approach, but the situation at sea is very worrying and we cannot do without depollution actions and clean-up operations on the ground. It is for this reason that an essential part of The SeaCleaners' activity takes place at sea, where the team collects plastic macro-waste in areas with high concentrations. These macro-waste represent a major challenge because if they are not collected in time, they risk sinking, which makes their recovery extremely difficult, or disintegrate into microplastics, an ecological scourge, particularly difficult to channel.

The reflection of The SeaCleaners is part of a scientific and technological approach, the association being convinced that a virtuous ecological approach only makes sense if it is backed by reliable scientific data. The team actively contributes to this scientific data by sharing in open data the data collected in their areas of operation to allow research to benefit from their privileged knowledge of the field. Research that they also conduct directly in their 5 laboratories and thanks to the work of their 60 engineers, technicians and researchers.

And above all, The SeaCleaners is at the origin of an extraordinary initiative, the Manta, the first factory boat designed to respond to the scourge of plastic pollution, a marvel of technology and innovation which we will tell you about very soon CORAIL° Story to come very soon.

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