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After discovering TheSeaCleaners' actions in terms of prevention, education and awareness of recycling, it is time to discover their flagship project, one of the most ambitious projects in recent years in the fight for marine pollution: the Manta.

The Manta is a factory ship which will set sail in 2025 with the mission of collecting, processing and recycling floating plastic macro-waste. Designed to collect waste in large quantities, it will be able to target areas of high concentration, in particular the mouths of large rivers, estuaries and along the coasts. The objective? 5,000 to 10,000 tonnes of waste collected each year, a massive and immediate impact made possible in particular by the unique range of action of the Manta: the factory boat will be able to collect 20 hours a day, 7 days a week and will collect all the waste from a size of 10mm and up to one meter deep. It is also equipped with two side cranes for recovering larger waste.

The other advantage of the Manta lies in its mobility which allows it to act where there is an emergency. Its road map will therefore pass through the most affected regions of the globe in terms of marine pollution and will begin its mission with South-East Asia, a region terribly affected by floating waste.

And once the waste is collected? The Manta is both a factory and a floating laboratory; it will, in parallel with the collection, serve as a research center on plastic pollution, in particular thanks to the scientists present in the crew and the leading material which will be on board. The boat's itinerary will also serve to extend the awareness-raising mission and message of TheSeaCleaners to new territories, to support the concrete action of an educational approach and support the transition to the circular economy of the countries concerned.

And now ? The launch is approaching! With design office approvals now received, all that remains for the team at TheSeaCleaners is to build the vessel, finalize the final details and set out to continue doing what they do best: helping the sea. And if you want to support this great initiative, you can become a patron on the TheSeaCleaners website.

Good luck !


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