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Since 2012, the association has been working on the restoration and replanting of coral reefs, threatened by climate change and marine pollution. Their mission is to restore and replant corals in the Flores Sea in Indonesia, and in the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. To carry out their projects, the association relies on three pillars: conservation, awareness and science. Since the creation of Coral Guardian, more than 50,000 corals have been restored.

Local populations are at the heart of this approach through numerous awareness-raising and educational activities. In 11 years, the association has raised awareness among more than 100 million people and enabled local populations to actively participate in various coral restoration actions, making them the leading actors in reef protection.

It is with this in mind that the international participatory marine conservation program “Adopt a Coral” was born. With this program, everyone is invited to participate in protecting the oceans by adopting a coral, which will then be replanted in a damaged reef area.

To succeed in these restoration operations, Coral Guardian relies on innovation and technological excellence in the service of life. Different shaped structures were tested to allow local teams to optimize replanting and develop corals as best as possible. Since 2023, a team of volunteer scientists has joined the association to give advice and contribute to the successful development of coral reef restoration projects.

Recently, Coral Guardian launched the Blue Center, a dedicated training program allowing anyone sensitive to the protection of ecosystems to develop a coral restoration project around the world. Successful candidates will receive training from the association for the part field and will be monitored throughout the project. A great way to offer anyone the opportunity to restore coral reefs and participate in the protection of the seas and oceans.

Le travail de Coral Guardian est titanesque et nécessaire, grâce à eux, c'est un peu de lumière qui se rallume dans l'océan.

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