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Wings of the Ocean, a historic partner of CORAIL°, is a French association dedicated to the conservation of marine life and the preservation of ocean ecosystems. Founded in 2018 by Julien Wosnitza and Sébastien Fau, the organization has played an essential role in raising awareness of the importance of protecting our oceans and implementing concrete actions to achieve sustainable practices. Through its commitment and efforts, Wings of the Ocean has become a significant force in the field of marine pollution control.

A meeting of sea lovers

Wings of the Ocean was born from the meeting of Julien Wosnitza, author of an essay on collapsology, and Sébastien Fau, former merchant marine captain. Following their meeting while volunteering, they decided to found their own marine depollution association with the aim of recovering marine waste directly at sea and on the beaches.

The Kraken: the flagship of the operation

At the heart of the Wings of the Ocean project is the Kraken, a former fishing trawler which can accommodate up to 35 passengers during long voyages, particularly for the decontamination of areas and islands that are difficult to access. This boat also welcomes scientists, oceanographers and biologists, who have the opportunity to study the sea on the front line. The ship also serves to raise public awareness through actions organized on board.

The Kraken is joined by a second sailboat, the Scylla, an exploration sailboat specially designed for the northern seas, which carries out similar actions along the French Atlantic coast.

Depollution actions

In addition to its actions aboard their sailboats, Wings of the Ocean organizes several plastic harvesting operations, in particularly affected areas, notably on the Étang de Berre, in the Arcachon basin or on the Étang de Thau . These local operations are itinerant to guarantee maximum efficiency, direct contact with boaters with pollution and awareness-raising operations among the public and local stakeholders.

Thanks to their flexibility and knowledge of the field, the association has a remarkable record in the fight against marine pollution:
- 99,000 kilos of waste collected
- 4,000,000 m2 decontaminated
- 712 decontamination actions organized since 2018

2023: the fleet returns to sea

The Kraken is currently finishing its final repairs, the end of a very large-scale project with the aim of modernizing the sailboat and making it a perfectly adapted depollution tool. His 2023 itinerary will be known very soon and he will be able to leave for a new mission of several months, rich in lessons about our ecosystem.

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