Cleaning up the sea

Cleaning the sea is our primary goal.
This is the mission that drives us on a daily basis.Cleaning the sea is our primary goal. This is the mission that drives us on a daily basis. 




The whole idea behind CORAIL° is to offer total transparency on the recycling of products. The best way to guarantee this is to collect the waste ourselves. With that in mind, we started our own operation to clean up the sea, with a team of fishermen from Marseille, in the south of France, one of the most polluted coastlines in Europe.


After some time, it became necessary for us to open our cleaning operation to other partners to optimize our ecological impact and to meet the demand for sneakers. This is why we are now working with various ecological associations in the Marseille region, which organize beach clean-ups. They then send us the collected marine waste to transform it in the CORAIL° Lab.


We also act upstream of pollution to prevent plastic waste from ending up in the sea. We have therefore installed anti-pollution nets in our port to catch any floating waste. We have also set up sorting bins next to the CORAIL° Lab to make our port a clean space focused on recycling.


Since the beginning of our clean-up operation, more than 20 tons of marine litter have been collected and treated by our team of fishermen and our partners. We plan to increase this number significantly in the coming months and, at the same time, to find new and innovative outlets for all the waste we collect.